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Nafir is a self-taught Iranian stencil artist whose works are influenced by traditional Iranian art and culture. He found his moniker in an old school book of Molavi (Rumi) poetry, which literally translates as ‘scream’.

His work often references traditional Iranian art such as eslimi and carpet weaving - combining two things that should not be together: one which is accepted and revered; the other forbidden.

In Iran, where Street Art is strictly illegal, Nafir is compelled to paint quickly and make strong statements about social and political problems in his country. Preparing and cutting stencils in his studio, he has mastered the skill of putting up his work in a matter of seconds. When painting abroad and with permission however, his artwork tends to be much more personal and expressive.

His paintings can be found around the world in Iran, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, India and Georgia

Nafir lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

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